Council Dues are due on or before October 15th for the 2020-2021 school year.

Comal ISD Council of PTAs is here to mentor, train and support our local CISD PTAs.  We also will hold Council meetings throughout the year. According to your bylaws, every local PTA is required to pay dues to be part of the Council. 
The voting body of Council consists of Council Board, Superintendent, local Presidents, Principals and one delegate that represents your school.  The way of choosing your delegate is written into your bylaws.
To be in good standing with Comal Council, all CISD PTAs and PTSAs are required to submit your board roster, council delegate and dues to Comal ISD Council PTA. 
Your Council Dues are used to provide Programs and training to all the local are PTAs.
The following are the dues and contributions for Council:
1.   Council Dues $100
2.   Reflections contribution $50
3.   Council luncheons $10 per person, per lunch
4.   Founder's Day Tickets $5/ticket (10 total tickets allowed)
The Reflections contribution goes to providing the awards ceremony for all the Council Reflections Winners.   Council luncheons are free to attend but if you want to have lunch provided, the luncheon dues are $10 per person per lunch.  Most PTAs will pay for the dues, reflections and lunches (President, Principal and delegate) all at once.  One check can be given for all contributions. 
This year we are excited to host our 3rd annual Founder’s Day celebration.  This will be held on February 11th and Canyon Lake High School.
In order to receive the benefit of PTA council training and support, you MUST be in good standing with your dues and with Texas PTA.
If your Reflections contribution is not paid, your school will still be able to participate in Reflections but will not be invited to attend the Council awards ceremony and no awards will be given to your students at the Council level.
If you have any questions regarding dues and contributions, please contact Ashley Hime, Council President