FOUNDATIONS Essentials Training  & FOUNDATIONS Basics
are mandatory training listed in your bylaws. 
All board members must complete before October 15th per your bylaws however, 
it's important that ALL PTA Leaders complete the training during their firtst year of service, regarless of date. 
FOUNDATIONS Essentials: Welcome to PTA
This training will be offered online at and is coming soon. The cost is $10 and your PTA should have training expenses in the approved budget for reimbursement.  
FOUNDATIONS Basics Training: (Position Specific)
This training is offered by Texas PTA. Basics is a great training for anyone holding a board position.  If there isn't a specific board position Basics available please take Basics of Boardmanship. 
Basics is required even if you have previously served in your current board position. 
If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Howell at